5 superpowers every great property manager should have


Be everything

Tenants and owners want a one stop shop mentality.  They want one person to speak to and one person to sort everything out for them.  They know that you are not doing everything yourself, but if you are a property manager superhero, you have to be everything.

There is nothing more annoying than being told that something is not someone’s job or department.  Sometimes experts in their field tend to bamboozle clients with their own terminology and annoy them with a lay-out of their organizational complexities.  Nobody is really interested, they just need to know that you are attending to their problem.

You are simultaneously the tenants’ advocate and the landlords’ representative.  You therefore need to be able to balance these two roles expertly and with finesse, with the overarching big picture strategy that the property you manage should be a profitable asset.

Nobody said it was easy, but you can handle it, you can do this.


Know everything

As the one superhero everyone can rely on, you need to ensure that you know what is going on in every aspect of your property on a level which will allow you to assist, even if just initially.

It is doubtful that it is expected of you to, for instance, physically fix the problem with the airconditioning system yourself, but you do need to understand what type of airconditioning system serves your tenants’ premises so that you are able to know what your next step is towards solving the problem.

At the same time, it never hurts to actually understand how things work.  Then you know too! Ask your expert, who I am sure would love to help you.

Understanding equipment is one aspect, but it is absolutely critical that you know what your tenant’s lease or the building’s body corporate rules say. What are the tenant’s rights and what are the landlord’s obligations?  This is the pin upon which your world spins.

Keep reminding yourself that the lease is a legal document – if interpreted incorrectly or if you have no idea what it says, you might be confronted with not only your own embarrassment but possibly all kinds of trouble.

Be informed, stay informed and practice your knowledge.  It is only as good as it is used.

See everything

The world is not ruled and neither is a property management job expertly conducted from behind your computer.  The only fixed asset should be the property itself.

Be hands-on, involved and know what is cooking.  Of course you cannot be everywhere at once, but the more visible you are, the bigger impact you will make as you will have first hand knowledge. You might even be able to solve or prevent problems right then and there.

Now don’t go trawling through passages and sneaking down fire escapes all day, but ensure that you are present enough to see how your cleaning service provider cleans, how your security guards are protecting.  In your shopping centre, you need to know what’s what with your tenants, your parking management system operators and your team.

With your super senses and strategic mindset of understanding the entire picture, you will be able to see and hear so much more if you remain present and engaged.

E-mails will wait for you. They are funny that way.

Communicate, communicate, communicate 

What is so super about being a great communicator?  Only ruling the world that’s what!

Being able to communicate effectively, intelligently and strategically has started and won wars, built firms and made millionaires of people who are well, just popular.

After all, what use is all your combined superpower efforts if nobody knows you are actually performing miracles, or at least trying to.  Communicate, engage, connect! Good, solid relationships will be built and grown simultaneously.

If you have tried everything you can to solve a problem but you are just not there yet, tell your client.  If you have received their instruction and are waiting for someone’s else’s help, tell your client and tell them again once you have your answer.

People can only react to what they know and the more they are kept in the dark, the more agitated they will become.  Nobody likes to be Baby in the corner, in the dark.

Keeping your clients in the loop with regular feedback, even if the problem is not solved, will help them relax and trust that you’ve got it under control. Because you have. You are awesome.

Be yourself 

Your most powerful weapon: you! Be yourself, be honest, be truthful.  You will be so much happier if you can just relax and be yourself. And a happy you makes a happy everybody.

Many trends echo going back to basics.  Be trendy: just go back to being you.  The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more effective you will be and the more people will respond to you being just real.

Of course being “you” does not mean slouching around in your PJ’s at work!

It’s about being the best version of you that you can possibly be: a passionately informed, fantastically professional, highly competent superhero property manager.

To infinity and beyond!


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