You are not lost. You are HERE.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get so caught up in a rhetoric of anxious thoughts about the future.  The what if’s and what then’s could drive you crazy without a doubt.  You play endless scenarios in your head and when you loop back to where you started, you’re surprised how you got to the conclusion.  You get anxious about where you should be, who you should be, what so-and-so will say or do, why you said what you did or reacted in a certain way.  And don’t even start the age dilemma.

You get into a flat spin.

You work so hard and so long towards a specific goal, and then, when you achieve it, you’re onto the next pinnacle of stress.  I’m know I’m quite guilty of not fully celebrating my victories. We’ve become over-thinking over-achievers with analysis paralysis, who often want to look for all the answers outside of ourselves.

Anxiety and depression are probably the most common diagnosis a GP gives, along with the flu.  Sleeping pills to stay asleep, happy pills to stay happy and all the other crutches in-between.  There are no chakras left on your chart: they’ve all gone for a stroll.  And you’re lost.

What’s the first thing you do when you realise you’re lost?  You stop, look around.  Search for any indication to tell you where you are now.  Hopefully a large red arrow which says: YOU ARE HERE.  Stop the panic! Call off the cavalry and the rescue helicopters.  You know where you are.  Turns out, you’ve been here all the time.

It’s okay.  Sometimes we just need this little reminder:  calm the frack down.  Look up, stroll into the sunshine and go smell the roses you Drama Llama.




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