Life has become immeasurably easier since I stopped taking it so seriously

I was served today by the least motivated cashier. Maybe ever. Every ounce of her seemed to be saturated in: “I wish I was anywhere but here”.  There wasn’t even the tiniest light in her eyes. Each drawn out, lethargic movement was accompanied by a downward turned mouth – not even sufficient chutzpa for a sarcastic sigh.  Walking out from this dire experience, I actually got some perspective: my lack of energy typical for this time of year, seems like a hyperactive breath of fresh air.  Yay for the upside!

I’m not saying that it’s necessary to perform a jazz hands style musical while scanning groceries and packing it into a bag – heaven knows it’s as tedious as tedious gets – but a little faith in yourself goes a long way.  And then again: is it the bag packing and the “next customer please” deathly routine or could she have been up all night with a crying baby? Maybe she tried extremely hard yesterday and today her trying hard is depleted.  

We all get so terribly caught up don’t we? And often times it seems most ridiculous when you view it from a distance, but in the moment, it’s massive and sole destroying.  

To be afraid is normal.  Anxiety has surpassed depression as the number one thing we all seem to have. Makes sense.  We’re all just so worried all the time. Mostly about things we cannot change, as one does. I have to re-teach myself that little nugget every day.  It seems like I have the memory of a goldfish on this topic.

So, I’ll never tell anyone else to just suck it up and that your feelings are neither real nor valid or that you need to start listening to pan flute music.

What I need to remind myself of all the time, is that this too shall pass.  Whether you worry or not, it’s probably gonna be horrible at worst. Whether you’re anxious or not, some ish will most definitely go down. It’s how you decide to react to it that matters.  You might as well get over yourself and learn to enjoy the ride.




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