Table Bay Mall | a new shopping destination on the West Coast

The West Coast. An endless coastline, accompanied by Robben Island, with enviable iconic postcard views of one the seven nature wonders of the world, Table Mountain.

Windy perhaps, but who’s complaining if it means strapping on your kite surfing gear and whiling your time on the Atlantic Ocean?

With the legendary Bloubergstrand on your doorstep and a beach-side lifestyle, it’s not difficult to see why this side of Cape Town’s metropole was once dubbed the fastest growing suburb in the world.  The Southern Suburbs and CBD adjacent areas are quite well developed and the Northern suburbs is already sprawling well beyond Kraafontein towards Stellenbosch.  It therefore makes sense that this beautiful piece of the country still has great development potential as it spreads towards Melkbosstrand.

It’s here that developers and owners, Zenprop, realised a scheme which has been buzzing for several years.  The location was a logical given, with the N7 extended on the Northern side towards Atlantis but how? and what’s next? were the questions to be answered.

Well, next is here and highly anticipated is the opening on 28 September 2017 of Table Bay Mall, situated on the West Coast Road (R27).  A new Regional shopping centre of about 65,000m2 with expansion plans for up to 90 000m2 will add more than 150 shops and restaurants to the retail landscape of the area.

Due to rapid expansion of affordable neighborhood development, the surrounding areas are densely populated from the edge of Parklands and Sunningdale, through Table View and everything in-between to Century City. The main (and almost only) room for expansion is towards the North-Western side, adjacent to the new mall towards Melkbosstrand and Atlantis.

In terms of property take up in the area, Sunset Beach, West Beach and Sunningdale are mainly made up of family homes.

The popular and trendy Big Bay area offers buyers a blend of large family homes in security estates, townhouses and sectional title apartments.

Entry-level homes are found mainly in Parklands, Parklands North, West Beach, Sunningdale, Table View and Royal Ascot.

The most expensive homes are found in Bloubergstrand, Sunset Beach, Blouberg Extension 1 and here, buyers are looking at R6m upwards for a property, whether sectional title, in a secure estate or a family home.

Most of the rezoning, subdividing and development is taking place in Milnerton as well as in Table View and surrounds, however these properties are being rezoned for more high-density development, specifically for the development of sectional title apartments.

Parklands North is an up and coming area that is highly sought after, especially by first time home buyers and investors so mainly plot and plan style estates are being created by developers.

The city’s first new public bus line, the BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) was built along the R27 which leads from Atlantis to the CBD, making the suburbs along this route, accessible. This mode of transport has been very successful, boosting popularity to live here.

The larger shopping malls in the area are Bayside Mall at 47 000m2 GLA, which is about 4km away and super regional mall, Canal Walk at 141 000m2 GLA is about 12km from Table Bay Mall.

In terms of the big box food stores, Checkers is present in Seaside Village, Bayside Mall and Canal Walk. Pick ‘n Pay is opposite Bayside Mall, West Coast Village, Sable Square, Circle Centre and Eden on the Bay.

Woolworths is widely represented with its Food outlets and has large stores in Bayside Mall and Canal Walk. Table Bay Mall will be adding one of each of the big three.

An exciting addition to this part of Cape Town is the current retail must-have, H&M, who will be adding their extensive ranges to the mall, with the nearest other outlet opening in Canal Walk in November.

Virgin Active will be opening another outlet in the area with the closest large outlet about 5km away. Set adjacent to Pick ‘n Pay with an outside entrance, with the open parking area easily accessible, you’ll have views of Table Mountain and ocean from the upper level while reaching new fitness goals.  Nice.

Set on one level, with a retail mix of local and international anchor brand tenants, the layout makes for easy shopping navigation as well as exceptional access and visibility. The mall offers outside and undercover parking bays easily accessible via three main lobbies.

The design, lead by architect Imraan Ho-Yee, Partner at Vivid Architects, was inspired by the curved, flowing lines of the world’s most elegant power yachts.

Design elements like long skylights, ceiling detail in the shape of a boat’s hull, timber cladded supporting columns and curved cut-outs brings a sense of space, natural light and movement into the building.


“The mall’s design also has tremendous pedestrian edge. The building’s long facade that faces on to the forecourt parking area is an active facade operating as a busy high street, tenanted by lively interesting shop fronts and feature restaurants”.

“It’s all about meeting every development problem with clever design and value engineering if you wish to safeguard an excellent rate of return on your investment.”

“Our foundational principle is that the more de-risking you do the less likely the centre is to fail.  A lot of planning has gone into future planning, one example which is an easy expandable roof.”

“For retail reasons, we incorporated two subtle but essential mall features that work incredibly well. First, we designed very short entrance lead-ins with all entrances slightly angled towards the parking, so wherever you come out you are not far from your car. Second, by designing the four main malls along a slight curve, we have achieved excellent view lines to every anchor no matter where you are in the mall.”

Innovative green-building technologies have been incorporated into the design, with water- and power-saving initiatives playing a major part in the long-term sustainability of the site.

“With the current drought and future water issues facing the Western Cape, we have been extremely conscious of water and energy consumption during construction and we have implemented several measures to ensure that Table Bay Mall will remain sustainable going forward”

– Janine Coleske, Centre Manager at Table Bay Mall

Some green initiatives the mall have adopted:

  • Two water harvesting attenuation ponds have been created where rainwater from the roof will be harvested and used for ablutions and irrigation.  The roof was designed in such a way that the water will flow into the ponds.

  • Harvested water from ponds will be used for irrigation and for the flushing of toilets.

  • Virgin Active have also started their own water-harvesting initiative to keep their pool filled

  • Water from the adjacent school’s polo pool which had to be cleaned and sterilised was re-purposed to fill opportunity to fill Virgin Active’s pool.

  • Dry and indigenous planting has been done around the property and rock gardens created in areas that are not visible to the public, i.e. back of house areas.

  • Two Boreholes were installed to minimise municipal water usage.  Water from the boreholes contains levels of iron and magnesium for which a filtration plant has been installed.

  • Water-saving sensor taps in all restrooms and single flush only toilets.

  • Wet waste will be sent to a bio plant and not to landfills

  • Wet and dry compactors will be installed on site, for recycling purposes.  Sorters will also be appointed to sort the plastics, papers, cans, etc.

  • By utilising revolving doors at the entrances, heavy winds are prevented entering the mall, but also assists with regulation of internal air-conditioning reducing the air-con plant operation, hence saving on electricity and water.

  • From an energy-saving perspective, mainly LED lighting has been installed throughout and skylights and glass roof panels for daylight harvesting.

Just in time for summer, when Capetonians creep out of their shells and embrace the beautiful outside world with both arms, Table Bay Mall is an exciting addition to the continuously evolving and growing urbanism of the West Coast.  Next up is our tourist season, which never fails to deliver packed beaches, hungry tummies and Christmas shopping.

Brave and gutsy in a retail environment, which is getting a lot of flak. But hey, no guts no glory, right?  Life’s made up of seasons and it’ll come around.  With the mall adding a few thousand jobs, you’re reminded that real estate builds cities, communities and livelihoods.

We’re excited!

A new Regional Mall to Cape Town is like a brand-new baby in the family and we’re proud to add such a well-designed, well-conceived development to the city.

Welcome Table Bay Mall!




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  1. Liezel Conradie Sep 27, 2017 at 05:42

    Very nice article! I loved the construction video from last week as well.

    Looking forward to the opening of the Mall! Well done ZENPROP!

  2. Estelle Moorcroft Sep 27, 2017 at 07:07

    Very informative article, thank you for sharing.
    Impressed with your Green initiatives and jobs created.
    I hope all the restaurants and all other companies will take part in the Green initiatives and recycling initiatives
    Well done!!
    Looking forward to the opening tomorrow.

    Estelle Moorcroft

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