Try something new!

Julie Bowen of Modern Family fame was on Ellen the other day and she introduced a very interesting concept to her life: she has undertaken to challenge herself and try two new things (she has never done) each month. What a great idea! 

I think this can be adapted slightly to include meeting two new people each month. Lauren Dallas, co-founder of Future Females, says that one of her successful business tips is to have coffee with at least one new person every week. In a very short space of time, she built up an amazing group of contacts and people who assisted her in propelling her business forward. It’s worth the try.

We’ve probably all self-proclaimed at some stage to be introverts or extroverts, lovers or haters of people. I’ve come to realise that we do ourselves a complete disservice when we compartmentalise ourselves like this. We’re all a mixture of all of these elements, with no-one being a pure introvert or extrovert, and our ability to adapt and grow as we mature within the world we create, is proof that we are multi-dimensional and quite able to go way beyond self-inflicted limits. In fact, we thrive once we break through our barriers.

Don’t you just love having an engaging conversation with someone, exploring their thoughts and personality, gaining new perspectives? Listening to how another’s mind works, their concerns and ideas drive us to new worlds and insights. Why would you want to lose out? The same goes for doing new things. 

Whether you find a new love for something, stumble upon a hidden talent or learn to mark it on your “never ever to ever do again” list, forcing yourself to explore beyond your everyday boundaries is not only fun, but extends you by its very nature. And self-growth is amazing – obesity is your aim!  

Better yet, do something you have never done before with someone you don’t know. If it scares you, great! More motivation to go for it.

Who’s up for the challenge?

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